Make Sure Your Dream Home Isn't a Money Pit

Make Sure Your Dream Home Isn't a Money Pit

Find potential issues with residential inspections in Thornton, CO

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make in your life. You want to make sure you know everything about the house you're purchasing. Holistic Home Inspection, LLC performs residential inspections in the Thornton, CO area and can give you a full report. We inspect everything from mansions to mobile homes.

We'll check every system in and around the house to find potential concerns and damage. You can count on our inspector to check everything from sprinkler and HVAC systems to the attic and basement. We also perform drone inspections for roofs and can take pictures to give you a complete picture of the home's condition.

Learn more about residential inspections and drone inspections by contacting us today.

We'll test for all kinds of problems

Some inspectors only conduct a visual examination of a property. Holistic Home Inspection takes our inspections to the next level by...

  • Checking for lead-based paint and asbestos
  • Testing for unhealthy levels of radon gas
  • Finding current mold infestations or potential risk areas

If the house has issues, you'll be able to demand fixes or renegotiate your offer.

Make sure the house you want to buy is safe to live in before you move your family. Make an appointment for a home inspection by calling us at 720-266-9169 right now.